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Manychat AI Flow Builder Assistant

The AI Flow Builder Assistant in Manychat is a virtual assistant that helps you quickly create Instagram automation based on your business needs. By having a brief chat with the AI, you'll receive customized Flow recommendations that align with your goals.

How to Access and Use the AI Flow Builder Assistant

Step 1: Access the Automation Panel

  1. Log into your Manychat account.
  2. Navigate to 'Automation'.
  3. Click on 'New Automation'.

Step 2: Engage with the AI Flow Builder Assistant

  1. At the bottom of the screen, click on 'Ask AI to Create Automation'.

2. A chat window will appear with a welcome message:"Hello, I'm your virtual assistant here to suggest Instagram automation based on your needs. We'll chat a bit, and I'll recommend customized automation based on what you share. Sound good? Get Started."

Step 3: Describe Your Business

  1. Click on 'Get Started'.
  2. The AI will ask, "Can you describe your business in a few sentences?"
  3. Provide a brief description of your business. For example:"I run an online store that sells eco-friendly products."

Step 4: Define Your Goals

  1. The AI will ask, "What would you like the follower to do during the chat interaction?"
  2. Choose one or more goals from the provided options:
    • Share their email
    • Click on your link
    • Book an appointment
    • Participate in a quiz
    • Get a specific message
    • Other (If selected, describe your goal)

Example goal (if selecting 'Other'): "I want to build a lead qualification system to identify people who need a new bed."

Step 5: Generate the Automation

  1. After you define your goals, the AI will take up to 30 seconds to generate an automation tailored to your needs.

  2. A confirmation message will appear:

    "AI-generated automations are here. To proceed, click 'Use this flow' and fine-tune it in the Flow Builder."

  3. Click on 'Use this Automation' to add the Flow to your account.

  4. If the automation is not a perfect match, you can:

    • Make adjustments directly in the Flow Builder.
    • Provide additional details in the chat to improve the automation.
    • Start from scratch by clicking 'Start from Scratch'.

Best Practices for Using the AI Flow Builder Assistant

  1. Provide clear business descriptions: Give a concise and clear description of your business to help the AI understand your specific needs.

  2. Define specific goals: Clearly state what you want to achieve, whether it's generating leads, booking appointments, or increasing engagement.

  3. Review and customize: After generating the automation, review it in the Flow Builder and customize it to perfectly match your requirements.

  4. Test before publishing: Ensure your automation flows as expected by testing it with your audience before publishing it live.

  5. Iterate based on feedback: Gather user feedback and refine the automation flows to improve user experience and engagement.