I tried to save a message and got a "permissions error". What do I do?

Sometimes the connection between ManyChat and Facebook Messenger gets interrupted. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Make sure you're an Admin on the Facebook page you're using ManyChat with (this is the most common problem)
  2. If you're an admin already, try disabling the bot in your ManyChat settings, then re-connecting the Facebook page to your ManyChat account. (You won't lose any ManyChat data - disabling and re-enabling will reset the connection between ManyChat and Facebook Messenger, which sometimes clears up a lot of problems)
  3. If you're using other bot-building platforms like Chatfuel, disable them while you're using ManyChat. Other bot builders interfere with ManyChat's connection to Messenger. Besides, we're the best <3

Hope that helps!