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How to set up ManyChat Growth Tools

Basic Requirements:

  1. A FB page connected to your ManyChat dashboard
  2. A website
  3. Traffic
  4. 20 minutes

How To:

If you're having trouble getting ManyChat overlays to work on your website, can you ask yourself the following questions?

  1. Am I using a drag and drop theme builder? Many of these WYSIWYG site builders (like Wix) are a bit pushy with their styling. Unfortunately, our lightweight overlays may break on JS-intensive themes.
  2. Did I whitelist my domain in the Growth Tool setup? Check out the video above to get more info on this.
  3. Am I using Cloudflare or another DNS provider? In this case, you need to add some parameters to our JS snippet to get things to work right. Try adjusting your JS snippet. Here's an example ManyChat snippet without the special Cloudflare parameter:
    <!-- ManyChat --><script src="//" async="async"></script>

      and here is the example WITH the Cloudflare parameter 
    <script data-cfasync="false" src="//" async="async"></script> 

  4. Am I testing the Growth Tools in an incognito window? Definitely, do that.

Have fun turning traffic into Messenger subscribers!