Adding new Admins to the account

Option 1:

Say you've set up your bot but now want your social media manager to do the broadcasts (or manage any other bot’s tools). ManyChat supports Facebook Login and obviously, you don't want to give out your Facebook credentials to every team member. So what do you do?

You invite new admins to your bot. This is how it’s done.

For now, it’s necessary that a person whom you want to invite has a Facebook account. 

Here’s how to give somebody access to your bot:

  1. The person must sign in to ManyChat with their Facebook profile
  2.  You (yes, you) go to Settings -> Admins tab and click the "Invite New"
  3.  Send the generated link to your teammate
  4.  Done!

Now your colleague has access to your bot through their own Facebook account. Your teammate will be able to make changes to your ManyChat settings and send any type of messages on behalf of your bot.

Option 2:

Another way to add a New admin is by adding this person to Admin role to your Facebook page.

Note: roles lower than Admin won't work in this case!

  1. Add this user ad an Admin to your Facebook page in page's settings.
  2. They need to accept this invitation, sign up at and add your page to account again.

Yay! Time for a vacation.