What subscribers see when they send a message to your bot

When somebody messages your FB page, the ManyChat bot is able to react to their messages in two ways: 

  1. The bot recognizes the message as a Keyword, then reacts according to that Keyword's settings.
  2. The bot doesn’t recognize a Keyword (or the Keyword doesn’t exist) and then fires the Default Reply.

Let’s start with the Default Reply, and then we'll talk about Keyword replies. In this article, I won’t teach you how to create Keywords, just how different Keyword setups will look like in the Messenger (from your subscribers' perspective).

If somebody writes you a  message which contains a Keyword, a bot will fire a message you set up for this Keyword. Here is an example of Keyword create:

A frequently asked question about Keywords:

Still with me? Cool. So - what will happen if one message triggers several Keywords?

This message contains 3 Keywords: create, tutorials, code13 (don’t ask). Good news - your subscriber won’t be bombed by 3 different message flows. Only the first Keyword triggers the automated reply. How smart is that?

Ok, but what will happen if you don’t have a Keyword set up for every possible word combination in a message (this is totally normal BTW)?

Oops, looks like we have a robot as a Keyword…. one more try!


Here is it! None of the words in "BANANAS ARE OUR FRIENDS" are keywords, so the bot fired off the Default Reply.

It's always a good idea to include some buttons as options in your Default Reply so the person can continue the conversation with the bot. 


PRO TIP™: Remember - the Default Reply only fires once in 24 hours for each user. This is to prevent confusion during live chat conversations.


Speaking of Live Chat

All live conversations can be accessed on the Live Chat tab in your ManyChat dashboard. The Live Chat tool is where you can where you can chat with your Audience one-one. It's similar to the Facebook Page Manager Messenger tool. 

That’s about it for now!  Create Keywords, set up your Main Menu, and Default Reply to get your first automatic replies sent to your Messenger subscribers in ManyChat :D