Messages From the Bot (Intro to Broadcasting/Sequences/Autoposting)

How Subscribers See a Broadcast

Broadcasts are a great way to invite people to watch a podcast, remind them about a webinar you’ve scheduled for tomorrow or send them any other information at a certain time you choose. 

Some of the most common features you can include in the broadcast are buttons, galleries, and quick replies.

How People See Your Sequences

Sequences are great when you want to convey the impression of live communication to your subscribers while automatically tagging them/setting custom fields/subscribing to other sequences/etc. at the same time. The best part is that your subscribers won’t be distracted by all this ManyChat magic happening behind the scenes and would only enjoy chatting with your bot. 

This is what a common sequence looks like from the user’s perspective: 

Autoposting and What It Looks Like To Users

Activating this feature allows you to connect your ManyChat account to other web sources you use and automatically broadcast all the content to your Facebook subscribers. Once a new post appears on your website, Twitter, other linked Facebook page or YouTube, your subscribers will be notified about it by the bot. Below is what Autoposting messages look like depending on the source they’re sent from. 

Twitter Autoposting 

Your tweet is sent to subscribers in the form of a text message. Don’t forget to mention your Twitter username or leave other hints for people to know where these messages are coming from.

RSS Autoposting 

Every new post on your website is sent to your Facebook subscribers via a message and looks like a card with a heading, first sentence preview and a link to the source at the bottom. Once the link is clicked, a user instantly gets to the post on the source website. 

NOTE: The link to the source website appears to your subscribers as “”. This happens because it’s automatically changed by Card URL Shortener. 

Pro Plan users can disable link shortening in Settings. Please note that with link shortening disabled, ManyChat won’t be able to provide the Click-Through Rate (CTR) data.

YouTube Autoposting

New YouTube videos on your linked channel are sent to subscribers as cards that include the video’s preview, its title and a shortened link upon clicking which users are redirected to the video on YouTube. 

Facebook Autoposting

As you already got it, each new post on a Facebook page that you choose for the autoposting channel is sent to your subscribers. You can either create an autoposting channel for your business FB page or connect any other FB page to your ManyChat account via autoposting. 

Here's what the post with a picture in it would look like when sent to your subscribers:

In case a Facebook post contains only the text and no pictures, it's going to look like a regular PM from your page. No links or other indications from what FB page it came from would be provided. Below is how a simple text post looks like when sent via FB autoposting:

You can find more information on how to set your autoposting in this article.

PS: Due to the latest infrastructure changes, Autoposting might work with notable delays (sometimes up to several hours) - this applies to all available channels, which are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS. To learn more on the situation, please check THIS article in our Help Center.

We really hope this helps you get a better picture of how your subscribers see messages from the bot. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to contact our Support Team!