'Main Menu' in ManyChat

Here's a quick overview of what the Main Menu looks like, from a subscriber's perspective.

What is Main Menu?

Main Menu is a simple way to provide your subscribers with always accessible options, like a help button which will send the user a message with helpful information, or a link to your main website:


How to Set Up Main Menu? 

You can create and edit those options in “Automation” > “Main Menu” tab:

There are several points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Top level of the Menu is limited to maximum 3 items;
  • Sub-menus are limited to 5 items maximum;
  • Only "Reply with message" items can have actions attached to it:

Lastly, after you have made all needed changes and edits, don't forget to save them by clicking "Update Main Menu" button at the top right corner: