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Quick Reply Buttons

Ever wondered what are Quick Replies and how they are different from persistent Reply Buttons? Then check out this article to learn more!

Quick Replies are buttons that provide contacts' conversational engagement with your bot. The two main differences between Quick Replies and persistent Reply Buttons are their interface and the effect they produce. 


Quick Replies are not directly attached to a message. Instead, they are “floating” above the keyboard. Once the Quick Reply is clicked, all the buttons disappear — thus contacts won’t be able to click the same reply several times or choose another reply (ideal for quizzes or surveys!). 

You can add an emoji icon to Quick Reply to make it even more noticeable and fun! :) 

Effect They Produce

Unlike persistent Reply Buttons, Quick Replies are perceived by your bot as an organic reply from a contact, as if a person typed something in your Messenger. Thus, Quick Replies are more conversational, which is just what you need to get people subscribed to your page! :) 


There's also something that Quick Replies and persistent buttons have in common - it's additional actions you can add to them. To learn more about button actions, check out this article.

To see how Quick Replies behave in practice, be sure to watch our video tutorial below:

Note: The video may feature some outdated parts of the ManyChat interface - however, strategies described in this video are still relevant. We'll make sure to provide updated version of this tutorial very soon.

Please note: if your Step with Quick Replies has Automatically continue option selected, Quick Replies will be automatically skipped. Same for Start Another Flow Step! So try to avoid making your Bot design like that: 

If you’re still not sure what’s so cool about Quick Replies, go ahead and set them up for your page. We’re sure you’ll love the result! ;)