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Starting 09.07.2019 ManyChat users will be seeing new Broadcasting interface which introduces new features and takes into account upcoming Facebook Messenger Platform Policy updates regarding Subscription Messaging. Read more about this in our corporate Blog and official Messenger Policy page

All features that were available to users before 09.07.2019 will remain available until 31.07.2019 when new Facebook Subscription Messaging policies come into effect. After 31.07.2019 pages that were not granted Page Level Subscription Permission by Facebook will not be able to send Subscription Broadcasts to their audiences while other options of Promotional, Non-promotional and Follow-Up Broadcasts will be still available.
Please learn if it makes sense for your business to apply for PLSP and how it can be done in our corporate Blog.
To send promotional messages beyond 24+1 messaging window you can also use a special type of ad called "Sponsored Messages" within ManyChat Ads section. 

So your Messenger bot is set up and you even got your first subscribers. Let’s start doing Messenger Marketing with a Broadcast.

1. What is a Broadcast

ManyChat Broadcast is one of the best marketing tools to share your content with every user right in their Messenger, reactivate your subscribers and reveal their needs and interests. This is the next amazing ManyChat feature that gives you a chance to start a dialogue with your subscribers instantly, so you can:

  • deliver a content to a list of subscribers and target them using audience filters
  • engage your subscribers to communicate with the Messenger bot or subscribe to a Message Sequence
  • get to know your audience and segment it with tags depending on users' replies (conversational actions).

2. How To Create a Broadcast

It’s easy. There are 2 ways of doing it: 

  1. Create Broadcast from existing flow by clicking button in the upper right corner of Broadcast home page. This will open a Flow picker where you can easily select one of your existing flows. As soon the flow is selected you can proceed with sending it as is or editing it within Broadcast interface. Note that your edits will not affect the original flow since you will be editing its automatically generated copy. Those copies are stored within Broadcasts section only.
  2. Create Broadcast flow from scratch inside Broadcast builder. Open message constructor by clicking  button and compose your message adding a number of conversational actions (Buttons or Quick Replies) users can answer with. Don’t make your subscribers get lost in replies, try to involve them in a conversation with one or several options. Create some Attached Messages for the reply options you offer, but don’t make the conversation too deep. You can also assign an Action to each reply — add or remove tags, subscribe users to sequences, notify admins, etc.

3. Settings. Selecting Broadcast Content Types in accordance with Facebook Messaging Policies

Please read this piece carefully as it directly relates to Facebook Messenger Platform Policies that regulate the ways different types of content should be delivered and audience it can be delivered to.

Subscription Broadcast allows you to deliver non-commercial content to your subscribers at any time you want. Use it as a conversational option to start a dialogue with your audience or notify on subscription-related topics. Keep in mind, however that Broadcast messages cannot contain any ads or promotional materials and it is limited by Facebook to following cases:

  • News: Integrations whose primary purpose is to inform people about recent or important events, or provide information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organizations, religion, celebrities, and entertainment.
  • Productivity: Integrations whose primary purpose is to enable people to manage their personal productivity with tasks, such as managing calendar events, receiving reminders, and paying bills.
  • Personal trackers: Integrations that enable people to receive and monitor information about themselves in categories such as fitness, health, wellness, and finance.

Note that starting 31.07.2019 this functionality will not be available to Pages that were not previously granted so-called Page-Level Subscription Permission (PLSP) by Facebook. Please learn if it makes sense for your business to apply for PLSP and how it can be done in our corporate Blog.

Non-Promotional Broadcast allows you to send non-promotional messages as long as they fit into categories predefined by Facebook and marked with a tag you also should specify. E.g. "BUSINESS_PRODUCTIVITY" for notifications on services or products that a business (your client) has subscribed to or "CONFIRMED_EVENT_REMINDER" for notifying about upcoming classes or events that a person has signed up for. Full list of tags can be found here.

Promotional Broadcast allows you to send commercial messages only to subscribers that were active (interacted with your bot) over the last 24 hours. Use this option carefully, you don't want to annoy your subscribers with mass promotions. Use Subscription Broadcast first to reveal the audience's interests so that you could deliver relevant commercial content.

Follow-Up Broadcast can be sent after the 24-hour window has been closed unless the one has already been sent and no interaction occurred. Before any interaction happens in response (i.e. subscriber presses some button or types a reply), you won’t be able to send them any other Broadcasts (except the ones made via Sponsored Messages). In other words, any time a subscriber interacts with your bot, they become eligible for promotional content (for 24 hours). Don’t miss a chance!

This is how the Broadcast interface looks like:

You can choose a Broadcast content type in the new interface of Broadcasts.

4. Additional Settings. How To Target and Schedule Broadcasts


You can target each of your Broadcasts by lots of conditions: gender, tags, name, activity, language, timezone, etc. Adding targeting conditions you can instantly see the number of users the message will be sent to.

Schedule Broadcast

Start sending your Broadcasts immediately or schedule it to be sent on a particular date and time.

Timezone Settings

These settings allow you to consider your subscribers' timezone. You can pick one of three options:

  • Send all at the same time delivers your Broadcast immediately.
  • Time Travel option delivers a Broadcast at the scheduled time according to subscriber's time zone.
  • Limit sending time delivers a Message as soon as possible once user's daytime in his current timezone matches desired delivery hours.

Notifications Settings

Please note that Facebook API only allows to control mobile Messenger notifications. The settings below do not apply to desktop notifications. 

Regular Push notification makes a sound and sends a notification to your mobile device. Use it for important messages.
Only 1 regular notification triggers only 1 regular notification (the first message in the broadcast) and the rest of it is sent in silent mode. Great for times when you have 2+ messages in your broadcast but don't want to send too many notifications.
Only 2 regular notifications trigger 2 notifications ( for the first 2 messages in the broadcast) and the rest of it is sent in silent mode. Ideal for broadcasts of 3+ messages.
Silent Push sends a notification to your mobile device without a sound. Use it for regular messages that don't require immediate action.
Silent broadcast doesn't display any notifications. Use it for silently sending content updates.

Keep in mind:

In broadcasts history CTR is recorded based on UNIQUE users' clicks and is only counted for Starting Step.

In case Starting Step doesn't contain any buttons or is an action/condition/etc. clicks won't be counted!

Broadcast Tab Interface and Stats

All your broadcasts are stored in Broadcasting > Broadcast section, which contains Drafts, Scheduled Broadcasts, and History tabs. Once you send a Broadcast to your subscribers, you can find it in History tab, watch it work and measure the stats for each of your messages (sent, delivered, opened, clicked). 

This Broadcast was sent and delivered to 2 subscribers, they opened a message and gave a reply.

Let's see what this stats mean:

Sent is the number of Broadcasts successfully sent.

Delivered is a number of Broadcasts seen by users. Which means your Subscribers have opened Messenger but don't open your Broadcast.

Opened is a number of Broadcasts opened by users.

Clicked is a number of clicks registered in this Broadcast.  

Here are some useful tips for creating a Broadcast:

1. Personalize your Broadcast messages. Start typing {{ to open a list of variables you can use (First Name, Full, Name etc.).

2. Engage your audience with some involving questions about themselves, try to figure out their interests and tag them.

3. Reward engaged users with useful and interesting content.

4. Always make it clear how one can unsubscribe from your Broadcast messages to avoid user blocking messages from Business Page entirely or reporting your Page to Facebook.

5. If you want to send a Promotional Broadcast to people how are outside of 24+1 reach you can always use Sponsored Messages option via ManyChat Ads.

Now go break a leg!