Why does Pro plan have limitations on the number of subscribers when the Free plan has unlimited subscribers?

Great question.

We want to give you as much freedom as possible before you make the decision to go Pro. This is why there is no limit on the number of subscribers on the Free plan.

The Free plan is meant for people who are either:

  1. Just starting to explore ManyChat as a platform for messenger marketing and aren't ready to commit to a full Pro plan.
  2. People that only need the basic broadcasting functionality and don't mind the ManyChat branding (communities, classrooms, fan pages, etc.).

When you decide to take your messenger marketing game to the next level and upgrade to the Pro plan – the price will be based on the number of active subscribers (we don't charge you for people who have deleted your bot or unsubscribed from it).

We believe that it's the right way – we grow only when you grow.

The Pro plan is meant for people that are serious about marketing on Messenger. It gives them unlimited tags and sequences as well as a white label bot without ManyChat branding.

So, to sum it up.

Start with a Free plan and don't worry about the number of subscribers – it's unlimited. You can upgrade to Pro whenever you want and the price will always be fair: we grow as you grow and count only active subscribers.

Happy ManyChatting