Facebook Comments

First of all, you have to create the post on your FB Fan Page of course, which should encourage users to interact with it - just tell them to type a certain keyword in the comment section (or just leave any comment there) so the page can automatically send them a private follow-up message in Messenger afterwards.

Now to the widget - you can find it in the "Growth Tools" tab in your ManyChat account, just click blue "+ New Growth Tool" button in the upper right corner:

You will then have to choose the widget in this section:

And finally, you'll get to the 'Settings' tab:

As you see, you'll have to:

1. Select a certain post from the Page you'd like to connect to the widget.
2. Enable "Track first-level comments only" option - it will disable the growth tool for second-level comments (i.e. replies).
3. Choose whether you want the widget's Auto-response message to be delivered immediately or with a delay (up to 60 minutes).
4. Decide if you want the user to leave a certain comment (meaning that other comments will not be recognized) or if you want to exclude certain words (meaning that they will not trigger the Auto-response message also). You can actually leave these last 2 fields empty so any comment under the post will trigger the Auto-response message.

Please note that Comments Growth Tool works for Published posts on your FB Page, in-progress FB Live posts and Scheduled posts, but it doesn't work with Ad posts. 


  • The tool works with new and old posts, but the bot won't recognize already existing comments left in the old posts' comment sections. 
  • The widget doesn't work with posts in Groups or on Personal Profiles on FB. 

Here's a quick GIF just to recap the starting steps:

After choosing the post you wish to connect to the widget, this message will appear:

A little bit of an explanation here: this is a mandatory requirement for Facebook Comments Growth Tool to operate (send private messages to commenters) - you shouldn't worry about that, just check the box and you're all set to continue!
Click "Next" to get to the 'Auto-response' tab:

That's the Auto-response message - users have to interact with it first to become a Subscriber. We suggest asking them some simple yet relevant question which only requires typing a number or a single word. As soon as the user types a reply to the widget's Auto-response message - you've got yourself a new Subscriber.
Now to the next tab - 'Opt-In Actions':

There are 3 options:

  • You can choose not to send the Opt-In message at all (please note though that the lack of a confirmation message of some sort might be a bit confusing for some users).
  • You can choose to send the Opt-In message to everyone regardless of the Keywords in the user's response with "Send to everyone who replies" option.
  • Or you can send the Opt-In Message only to those who replied to the Auto-response message with Keywords you've set up in the special field below the option. These Keywords are NOT the same as the ones under Automation section, so they can't be triggered outside this Growth Tool and you can't reuse them for some other Growth Tools in the future.

To set up the Opt-In Message, just click 'Edit' button here:

After creating your desired flow, make sure to click 'Publish' button in the upper right corner.

You can also subscribe users to Sequences in the widget's "Opt-In Actions" tab now via "Add Subscriber To Sequence" section.
While usually the "Opt-In Actions" tab is used to set up the Opt-In Message for users, you may actually choose a different approach. Specifically, you can disable the Opt-In Message in the "Opt-in Actions" tab by choosing "Don't send the opt-in message" option - in this case, you can set up keywords in "Automation" => "Keywords" tab and attach a custom message to them (along with various additional actions). As soon as users type one of these keywords as a reply to the widget's Auto-response message, they become Subscribers and the custom message is triggered right away. Please note that these keywords are global (i.e. work for every reply sent in Messenger).

As soon as you're finished setting things up, please make sure to click 'Save' button and activate the widget using 'Draft-Active' toggle-switch in the upper right corner:


  • Facebook Comments widget processes 20 comments per minute - this limitation is implemented intentionally so Facebook cannot ban your Page for spamming users.
  • For now, the widget can only be tested once by the same user due to FB's API restrictions - if you've received the Auto-response, that means the tool is working as expected and there's no need for further testing.
  • The widget only works with comments from Personal Facebook profiles - leaving a comment on behalf of your FB Page will not trigger the Auto-response.
  • You won't be able to connect posts from your FB Page to the widget if there are any country/age restrictions set up on your Page. Please remove the restrictions to let the tool work as intended.
  • Please keep in mind that due to technical limitations ManyChat can't track exactly 100% of new subscribers who opt-in via Facebook Comments. All unmatched ones will become subscribers but won’t get an Opt-In Message.
  • Facebook Comments widget only works with comments left under the original post on your Fan Page - shared posts are not supported for now, unfortunately. Hopefully FB allows more options in the foreseeable future!

Hope this information helps. Go and get the most out of Facebook Comments Growth Tool!