Autoposting Channels

Do you have business pages on other social networks besides Facebook? Do you want your subscribers to get updates each time something new is posted on your website? If your answer is "yes", you have to try ManyChat Autoposting! 

Autoposting is there to help link your website, YouTube, Twitter and even other Facebook pages with your Facebook business page, and automatically broadcast everything that's posted on these resources to your ManyChat subscribers. How awesome is this? ;) 

The Autoposting feature can be found in the Broadcasting section of ManyChat. To create a new Autoposting channel, click "+ New Channel" button at the top right corner of the screen. Then choose the type of channel you want to set up. 

What types there are? Let's see! 

RSS Autoposting

As you may have already guessed, this Autoposting channel will broadcast to your subscribers everything that's posted on a website you choose.

To set up RSS Autoposting, simply choose RSS in the list of channels and add the RSS feed link in the appropriate field. 

Once the feed is set up and active, all new content that's posted on the website's blog or any other section you used the link to, will be broadcasted to your subscribers. Generally, RSS feed posts look like this:

What if you want these posts to look more cheerful and arrive with pictures in them? It's totally possible if there's only one picture in the post and the RSS feed link is of a standard format, supported by ManyChat (e.g. Atom type feeds send messages with pictures in them). 

Here's an example of RSS feed that supports pictures in Autoposting messages:

NOTE: For now, ManyChat supports 99% of all common RSS feed types.
If you experience difficulties connecting your RSS feed to ManyChat, please run it through an RSS feed validator website to make sure the link is functional. 

Below are some examples of RSS feeds supported by ManyChat: 

YouTube Autoposting

To set it up, choose YouTube from the list of source channels and add a link to the channel you wish to connect. 

Now every new video that appears on this channel will be broadcasted to your subscribers in a form of a card with the video’s preview, its title and the link to it.

Twitter and Facebook Autoposting

Similarly to other channels, you have to add the link to Twitter/Facebook account you want to broadcast from. Once you're done, your subscribers will receive twits/Facebook posts in their Messenger. 

Using Facebook Autoposting, you can not only connect some other Facebook pages to your account, but also set up Autoposting for that same page you have linked to ManyChat. Thus your subscribers will receive alerts about new posts on the page which may help them not to miss some important information. 

Channel Settings

Once you have added a source channel, you can access its settings by clicking on it in the Autoposting tab.

Here you can:

  1. Change the account title of the channel so it doesn't get lost among other RSS feeds if you have several.

 2. Set the status of the channel. If you want to pause Autoposting for some time, choose "Disabled". You can switch it to "Active" at any time, or if you don't want to broadcast right away, you can choose "Draft" so that ManyChat creates a new draft broadcast with pre-populated content that you can edit and then broadcast manually.

 3. Notifications Settings allows you to choose the type of notification your subscribers will receive with new Autoposting messages.

4. Time Zone Settings - with its help you can choose the time frame in which people will receive your Autoposting messages. It's pretty much the same as for Broadcasts: either send messages at the same time to everyone or limit sending time to whichever time frame you choose.

  5. Filter Subscribers allows you to filter the audience that gets these messages. You can filter according to a tag, language, gender, Custom Fields, etc.

Now that you've set everything up, don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom! :)