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New ManyChat Subscriber notification with Zapier

This article explains how to notify yourself or your team of a new ManyChat subscriber.

A huge benefit of the messenger is the instantaneous, fast communication. Because of our recent integration with Zapier, you can now notify yourself or your team whenever there's a new ManyChat subscriber. This will allow for quick, relevant conversations with subscribers! 

In this Tutorial, we'll show you how to trigger email notifications in Gmail whenever you get a new subscriber. ✉️

Step 1. Trigger.

Go to Zapier and create an account. Create a new Zap (you can create up to 5 Zaps on a free plan). Find the ManyChat app and add it to a global Trigger. Select the New Subscriber trigger inside.


Choose one of you ManyChat Accounts for this Zap. You can connect new one with Connect an Account button.


Make sure you have at least one recent subscriber added to your page and perform a test.


Step 2. Action.

Proceed to next step and choose Gmail app to perform an action triggered by new subscription. I'd like to receive an email as soon as I get new subscriber so I select Send Email option.


Connect your Gmail account to send messages and create a new template for the email notifications. You can set up different options including Cc, Bcc, From Name or even attach a file, but there are two mandatory fields you have to enter — Subject and email Body.


The cool thing is that you can use variables and get more details about your new subscriber: the Growth Tool they Opted-In through, gender, language, and even Custom Fields. Crazy! You can add these variables with a button on the right-hand side.

Okay, let's make a test. You will receive an email with notification with your most recent subscriber as an example. Got the message? Awesome! Now name your Zap and activate it.


As soon as you activate your Zap, you'll get customised email notifications about your new subscribers.