How to subscribe users to a Sequence with a Button?

You can automatically subscribe people to Sequences when they press a button in your welcome message, broadcast, default reply, main menu or any other place where you can insert a button.

Say you have a Welcome Message that asks people if they want to receive 10 best blog posts of all time that you've published.

The first thing you need is a Welcome Message.

  1. Go to the "Welcome Message" section
  2. Write your message (you can use #{{first_name}} to personalize your message)
  3. Add a button

Now we need to configure that button to subscribe people to the "10 Best Posts" sequence.

  1. Press "+ Add Action"
  2. Select "Subscribe to sequence"

This is how everything should look right now:


Now the last thing to do is to specify a reply message after the person presses the button.

  1. Select the "Send Message" as the main action
  2. Click "+ New Message" to create a new reply

3. Click "+ Add Text" to add a text reply

4. Enter your reply message

That's it! Now everyone who presses the "Yes, please