Help! My Comments Growth Tool isn't working!

If you set up a Comments widget on a post, but it's not firing your followup message when people comment, here's what to do.

STEP 1: disable the "track first-level comments only" slider
STEP 2: remove any keyword exclusions
STEP 3: remove and keyword inclusions

The widget should look like the screenshot above - without my arrows and numbers obvs :D

Also, make sure the widget is ACTIVE.

Some widgets in some accounts are bugging out when keyword inclusion/exclusion is added. We're working on a fix!

If all that didn't work, check out the following:

Do you happen to have any age/country restrictions enabled on your Facebook page?

One way to tell right away if your page has some visibility restrictions is to copy your FB URL from your browser and open it in an Incognito window.

If FB prompts you to log in before you can see the content, that usually means you have visibility restrictions enabled.

Here's what  those settings look like on FB: 

You'll need to change your permissions to look like the following in order to get the post to show up in the Comments growth tool.

If your Opt-in Message for Comments Growth Tool isn't delivering the first thing you need to check is your page alias. 

Does it look similar to this:
If the answer is yes, navigate to About section of your Facebook page and edit page's Username.

After that, you will get a nice URL/alias like this one: and working Opt-in Messages as a bonus! 

Hope that makes sense!