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Checkbox Plugin Changes (from February 20, 2018)

On February 20, 2018, the following changes have taken effect for Facebook checkbox plugin.

More context here.

We keep track of all the changes made by Facebook and we've also rolled out checkbox plugin update in ManyChat:

  • "Subscribe to a Sequence" option removed out of Widgets Opt-In Actions with checkbox option (still, this will be available for buttons with “Send to Messenger” option).
  • All Action blocks connected to the first Step of your Opt-in Message don't work anymore. It means you cannot use Action Steps before users interact with your bot.
  • Widget’s Opt-In Message (first Step) won’t appear in Live Chat for new and existing subscribers (all further replies and interactions with the bot will show up in Live Chat as usual).

With this new policy rolled out new Unknown Subscribers shouldn't be a thing anymore! Users who don’t interact with your Opt-in Message won’t be added to your Audience list as bot subscribers.