Bot Templates

This feature is currently in Closed Beta!

Cloning your entire Bot is a useful feature when your goal is to share content between Pages connected to one account. But what if you want to share your bot with a client or a community of friendly bot builders? Here is how you can do that with Bot Templates!

Click Templates icon under Settings section:

By default this section is empty and you can click +New Template to begin building your 1st template. Selecting the page that will be used a source for the template:

And start selecting elements! Do you wish to share a simple bot with just a few option or share your fancy collection of 600 Keywords? Your template can be any of this or bigger. 

NOTE: If any of the selected elements is located in Trash folder your template won't be saved successfully. Restore this element to proceed.

Have you mentioned that your template can be Free or Pro? If any of Pro elements is selected template type will be automatically switched to Pro.

Pro templates can only be installed to Pro pages but Free templates available on both Free and Pro pages. Convenient!

You can add a name to your template and finally save it. After that, a link to your landing page will be automatically generated:

Yes, you can edit some template preferences. Here is how it looks like:

Remember to Update Content of your template if you have edited any of the listed flows!

The installation process for the template is also quite easy: open template link, select target page, choose what general elements you want to replace right now:

If any of the toggles above is switched off, content won't be replaced but copied to your bot's Flows section. Otherwise, you original flow will be moved there. Don't worry, nothing will disappear!