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ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit is a powerful email service provider. If you make digital or physical products, provide services, build software, or have ads, sponsorships, or affiliate products and market/sell online, ConvertKit is built for you. ManyChat + ConvertKit integration allows to implement following actions:

  • Add Subscriber to Form. Adds subscriber by email address to one of your ConvertKit forms and update ConvertKit subscriber's Custom Fields.
  • Add Subscriber to Sequence. Adds subscriber by email address to one of your ConvertKit sequences and update ConvertKit subscriber's Custom Fields.
  • Add Tag. Assigns to a subscriber a particular tag within ConvertKit.
  • Get Subscriber's Data. Returns data of a single subscriber by email address and adds it to this subscriber's Custom Fields.

Setting up an Integration

Go to Settings > Integrations and scroll the page down to navigate to ConvertKit, here enter API Secret to connect your existing ConvertKit account.

You can find your API Secret in your ConvertKit Account > Account Settings. 

Enter this API Secret in ManyChat and select an Identify Field — Custom Field which contains user’s email to identify ConvertKit Contacts. 

'Add Subscriber to Form' Action

Use this Action in your Flow to add a subscriber to a particular ConvertKit Form. Create a Form in ConvertKit first and then create a Flow where you request email from the user and save it to Custom Field and add an Action Step and select ConvertKit Actions in a drop-down menu.

Select 'Add Subscriber to Form' Action and specify the desired ConvertKit Form as well as Custom Fields you want to transfer. You can add more Custom Fields in ConvertKit to pass additional user information there. 

Preview your Flow to make sure the integration works fine. User should receive an autoresponse email with the confirmation request and needs to confirm email address. As a result, you'll get a new subscriber in a ConvertKit Form.

'Add Subscriber to Sequence' Action

This Action allows you to add your ManyChat subscriber to the particular Sequence in ConvertKit. Add it to your Flow to implement the subscription, select the Sequence and Custom Fields.

Preview your Flow to make sure you were added to that Sequence in ConvertKit. Looks like it worked fine!

'Add Tag' Action

If you want to tag your subscriber in ConvertKit, use Add Tag Action and select one of the existing tags in ConvertKit.

'Get Subscriber's Data' Action

With this Action you can return subscriber's data from ConvertKit and save it to specified Custom User Fields in ManyChat. Select Custom Fields you want to import and they will be added in ManyChat as soon as this Action is performed.