Messenger Ref URL Issues and How to Resolve Them

There are several issues that you might encounter while working with Messenger Ref URL Growth Tool, but don't worry - we have an easy solution to sort these problems in no time! Just follow our instructions below.

Table on contents:

1. Get Started button doesn’t appear

2. Opt-In Message isn’t sent

But first thing you need to check is whether or not your Growth Tool is enabled ;)

Get Started button doesn’t appear

To receive a message from Messenger Ref Url, users must click "Get Started" button. But this applies only to new users; people who are already your bot's subscribers will receive messages as soon as they click on the link. Basically, Get Started is triggering a flow and subscribing new customers to your bot. You can find more info about this tool in this help article

But, sometimes the button is missing. If you've already checked that the tool is activated and changes are saved, then follow these steps:

1. Head to ManyChat Settings --> General and click the Refresh Permissions button.

2. After that, go back to your Growth Tool and republish it. First revert it to draft and then activate it again.

Please note that these steps must be followed by the person who is the Admin both on ManyChat and Facebook. This will restore connection between ManyChat and Facebook, and "Get Started" button should appear afterward. If this didn't help - please do not hesitate to submit a ticket.

Opt-In Message isn’t sent

Sometimes you click on the "Get Started" button but don't receive an Opt-in message. This can happen due to a lot of different reasons, but we can help you to solve most of them.

1. First of all, try to Refresh Permissions. Go to ManyChat Settings --> General and click the Refresh Permissions button. You need to be an Admin to do that. Also, while you are in Settings, also check the list of Authorized Websites. Make sure that you have ManyChat listed there, and if not - please make sure to add it.

2. After that, you need to check an Opt-in message itself. Open your Growth Tool and make sure that the flow is Published. If you see this yellow dot - it is a sign that you have unpublished changes in your Opt-in message.

This can cause a lot of issues. So we recommend you to save all changes before using a Growth Tool: click 'Edit' and then 'Publish' - this will save and update your Opt-in message. After that, re-activate your Growth Tool.

3. The most common reason why your Opt-in message isn't getting sent is that ManyChat is not owning a conversation on Facebook. This is controlled by the Handover Protocol: it is a protocol of passing control on user conversations to the LiveChat apps based on their Receiver Role. In order for ManyChat to render all the messages with 100% accuracy, you need to set up your Handover Protocol.

To enable Handover Protocol: head to your Facebook Page's Settings --> Messenger Platform --> App Settings --> Configure, assign the Primary Receiver role to ManyChat and the Secondary Receiver role to other apps.
To activate the handover protocol properly, it is required for a Page to have one app with the Primary Receiver role.

After that, Handover tab will appear in your ManyChat Settings. Make sure to set ManyChat as Live Chat App:

You can find more information in our article about Handover Protocol. This should help ;) 

If you still experience any issues even after following all of the steps listed here, it would be worth contacting your web developer or website platform's technical support representative - they should be able to help you solve the issue!