How to troubleshoot RSS Autoposting channel

If you experience difficulties connecting or using your RSS feed through ManyChat, please run it through an RSS feed validator website to make sure the link is functional.

Below are some examples of RSS feeds supported by ManyChat:
Here's an example of RSS feed that supports pictures in Autoposting messages:

If you are sure that your RSS channel is valid and Autoposting should work correctly, wait for some time to check if the messages get delivered later. Due to the infrastructure changes, Autoposting might work with notable delays, sometimes up to several hours - this applies to all available channels, which are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS.

ManyChat's main aim is an interactive, relevant and active conversation with the bot's Subscribers through Messenger - right now, passive nature of the Autoposting feature makes it deprecated and inefficient for Messenger Marketing system.

The alternatives are:

- Sequences which allow you to continually invite your users to the conversation with the bot and engage them into the sales flows 

- Broadcasts which allow you to always maintain the users' enthusiasm and engagement in your business goals

If Autoposting is an active part of your marketing campaign, please note that there is a chance that the Autoposting feature might be discontinued completely in the near future.