Shopify Abandoned Cart

The following instruction is relevant for pages that connected Shopify Abandoned Cart integration before November 7th. To check out the new instruction, please read this article: Shopify Abandoned Cart (updated)

Shopify Abandoned Cart Integration (Pro feature) provides you with a way to notify your Shopify store customers about the goods they forgot in the cart.

Setting up the integration

In order to set up the integration, you have to start with connecting your Shopify store to ManyChat:
1. Go to Settings —> Integrations.
2. Enter your Shopify store address and tap the button bellow: 'Connect Shopify Account'.
3. You'll be redirected to the app installation page in Shopify.
4. Click the 'Install unlisted app' button.
5. Now you can start using Shopify Abandoned Cart Integration.

Activating abandoned cart flow

Right after you set up the integration, the Template with the default flow and all needed settings will be automatically installed on your ManyChat page. All you have to do for this flow to start working is to activate it. To do this, select a Trigger and turn on a toggle in a sidebar.

After activation, a Modal will be added to your Shopify store. If the Modal was closed by the customer once, it will not be shown to this customer again. Default Modal looks like the picture below


Once your customer clicks 'Send to Messenger' button in the Modal, they become your bot subscribers. After this, they will start getting messages about the abandoned cart. By default, the first message will be sent to the customer one day after they add a product to their cart.

Integration settings

You can also tune the integration settings according to your needs.
1. Modal design can be changed in the sidebar. To see your Modal preview in ManyChat interface, click on 'Show Preview' button.

2. Smart Delay can be changed too. You can set up a time period after which your customers will get abandoned cart message. This message will contain a button with the automatically generated link to restore a customer's cart.3. You can also change the default message text. NOTE: Do not edit the automatically generated link in the button - this will break the integration flow. 

Disconnecting ManyChat from Shopify

If you decided to disconnect the integration, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Settings —> Integrations
2. Click 'Disconnect' button

3. You will be redirected to Shopify

4. Click on the trash can icon to the right of ManyChat app and confirm the deletion.
5. The integration is now disabled. Your customers will no longer receive abandoned cart messages. The Shopify flow will remain in ManyChat, but will become inactive. If you reconnect the integration, this flow will start working again provided it's activated.

When the integration is set up, you will find two new Custom Fields under Settings -> Custom Fields: 'Shopify Cart Url' and 'Shopify Cart Is Paid'. ManyChat creates them automatically in order for the integration to work properly. Don't delete these Custom Fields. :)