ManyChat Widgets on Shopify

Shopify Customer Chat Growth Tool Setup

From this article, you will learn how to set up ManyChat Customer Chat Growth Tool on your Shopify store.

Create your Customer Chat in ManyChat and do all the basic setup for opt-in actions, then move to the Setup tab.

Copy the widget code to clipboard - we will use it in a minute.

Go to your Shopify store admin panel and find the Online Store tab in the lefthand menu.

Go to the Themes tab and here you will see your Current theme settings. You should choose Actions dropdown and select the Edit code menu.

Place your ManyChat widget code from the clipboard to the following place - right before the head-tag ends (it looks like that: </head>).

Don't forget to hit Save in the top menu. Now, you can visit your page and check if you have the chat bubble showing up - it should be there on the right-hand side.