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Content types (aka Facebook Message Tags)

This article in the form of an F.A.Q. explains how to start migrating to the New Facebook Messaging Policies with ManyChat by applying appropriate Content types (or Message tags as Facebook calls them) to the content sent to your subscribers over the Facebook Messenger.

New Facebook Messaging Policies are coming into effect on March 4, 2020. Before that date old policies are applied meaning that you can use ManyChat same way you did before. 

However, it is in your interest to migrate to new policies in advance by specifying Content type and switching to SMS and Email wherever the content doesn't fit any type to avoid any interruptions in your bot's functioning. Messages without the specified type will not be delivered to subscribers who interacted with your bot over 24 hours ago after March 4, 2020.

This article will be updated on a regular basis as we will be receiving more questions from you. Questions can be addressed to our Support Team.

  1. Q: What is this 'Content type' feature about? How is it related to Facebook’s Messaging Policy?

A: Content type is a ManyChat feature that allows you to label your Messenger content with a specific category that best describes it's purpose while building your Flow or Broadcast. In its official documentation Facebook refers to those categories as "Message Tags". If you have never heard of it, it’s time to get familiar with one of the recent Facebook announcements regarding the platform messaging policies

Long story short: as a user of the Messenger Platform, you were always required to specify a tag that fits your case of non-promotional message in order to reach subscribers of yours whose last interaction with your bot was more than 24 hours ago.
IMPORTANT!!! Opening a URL button in any shape or form does not equate to interaction within Messenger. If you have URL buttons that users can click, they will NOT have their 24-hour messaging window re-opened.

So far you’ve only needed to do this for Broadcasts because for all the other messages ManyChat applies a single special tag. However, starting March 4th, 2020, this magical tag disappears and everyone will be asked to choose from 4 new tags that are far more specific


Content type allow you to assign one of those tags to any message sent after the 24 hour messaging window (except Human Agent which is applied automatically when you send something via LiveChat):


Facebook uses this "tagging policy" to protect Messenger users from getting lots of spam messages coming from irresponsible businesses. Mind that policy changes are not limited by the new Message tags only. So be sure to read this announcement.

For any content that does not fit those Facebook Message tags we provided you with the type called "Other" which can contain any content including promotional but will be delivered only to subscribers who are in 24-hour messaging window by the moment of sending:

  1. Q: So March 4th, 2020 has not come yet. Why should I care about trying something that will be enforced by Facebook 2.5 months from now?

A: Use this opportunity to play with the feature and apply it to as many cases as possible. Believe us, you will come across a few tricky situations and you want to be prepared for them before March 4th, 2020. Especially if you or your client have a really big bot with complex automation. Do not hesitate to ask us about those cases that you are not sure how to handle. Mention @Jenya Dzen in the ManyChat Community on Facebook or write to our Support Team.

  1. Q: So almost none of my bot's Messenger content has a type so far. What is going to happen to messages with no Content type?

A: Everything will work the same for such messages until the policies come into effect. Here’s a little tip for you:

How will ManyChat handle a message with no Content type?

BEFORE March 4th, 2020

AFTER March 4th, 2020

  • Will be sent to subscribers in the same way it always used to be sent. Even if they are outside 24-hour messaging window. Such behavior in any Flow will not be considered by Facebook as policy violation provided that the content is non-promotional.

  • Will NOT be sent to subscribers if they are outside the 24 hour messaging window.

  1. Q: Is there any way ManyChat can protect me from being banned for sending non-compliant messages after March 4th, 2020?

A: Yes, we will protect you from violating policies by blocking any message without Content type or with type "Other" if someone who was supposed to receive it left the 24 hour messaging window. Be it Sequence, Rule, or Smart Delay inside the Flow, we will never send it to anyone who is not eligible for this based on their messaging window.

However, we cannot help in situations where Content type you applied to message that should be delivered outside 24 messaging window does not match its purpose (e.g. ACCOUNT_UPDATE applied to message that contains promotional content). It is your responsibility to ensure a match between message tag and message content. Messages sent beyond 24-hour messaging window (all Content types different from "Other") is a subject to monitoring by Facebook and may cause a page ban in case of inadequate content.

  1. Q: Are there cases where I don’t need to consider Content type and just leave it as it is?

A: Yes there are. If you're 100% sure that you designed your automation in a way that makes it impossible for the subscriber to receive your message outside the 24-hour messaging window, then you don’t have to select Content type it at all. For instance, you do not need to specify Content type for any messages that are chained to the buttons or quick reply buttons. Those elements would essentially mean subscriber’s interaction with the bot, and any interaction immediately prolongs messaging window for another 24 hours.

  1. Q: There are only 4 tags Facebook suggests to use outside 24-hour after March 4th, but my bot has automation for so much more than that. 

For example: “I used to re-engage people outside 24-hour messaging window by asking their astrological sign to recommend fabulous bags based on that. What do I do now?”

A: Facebook now limits re-engagement to 4 cases mentioned above. To maintain the same scenarios of communication you should consider substituting Messenger steps with SMS or Email steps. We recommend you start gathering that contact information and opt-in permission sooner than later.

  1. Q: I can see only 3 Facebook tags in ManyChat’s Content type menu. What’s up with the Human Agent tag?

A: The Human Agent tag is currently not available (Facebook is running a closed beta for it right now). When it’s available, we will apply it automatically whenever you send something from the Live Chat.

8. Q: What content type should I use when creating my OTN?

A: There are two separate entities: OTNR (One-Time Notification request) and OTN (this is the Notification itself). For OTNR, you need to select the content type following the general type of the flow, which contains this block, and other nodes in it. But for the One-Time Notification itself, as the content type, select the ‘One-Time Notification Topic’ that you created inside OTNR. 
It is worth mentioning that OTN can consist of not only Text block, but you can also choose an Image, Card, Gallery, Audio, Video, List and a File. Remember, there can be only one block.