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Implementing Message Tags within Flow Builder

Note: There are Pro features involved in this functionality and is for Facebook Messenger only

There are three ways to engage and re-engage with your contacts easily: Sent inside 24 hours, Sent outside 24 hours window or Sent as a Comment Reply.

This article explains three types of message blocks and how to implement them within Flow Builder

Send inside 24 hours

This is the default tag within Flow Builder for Messenger nodes. 

Use this setting for all messages sent within 24 hours since your contact interacted with your bot. 

Use cases include:

  1. Initial messages for Welcome Message, Default Reply, Growth Tools
  2. Follow-up messages sent within 24 hours of last time the contact either messaged you or interacted by selecting an internal button with the Automation

Send outside 24 hours window

In ManyChat, there are multiple ways you can re-engage your contacts after the 24 hours window closes by adding a few steps such as:

One-time Notifications

Non-Promotional Message Tags

Recurring Notifications (in beta)


When sending out messages on Messenger outside of 24 hours, they must follow one of Meta's approved criteria.

Under Reason, Notification Topic and Message Tags (non-promo) are listed. 

All One-time Notification Topics that you create will appear under Notification Topic.



Using Message Tags (non-promo) 

Similar to Non-Promotional Broadcasting, you can find three options for sending a non-promotional message after 24 hours using Message Tags.

These three options are:

Post-Purchase Update

Confirmed Event Update

Account Update

All three tags should be used according to Meta’s rules set forth. We strongly recommend not to use these tags in your flow unless the message is outside of 24 hours and is strictly transactional or non-promotional.

If you misuse the tags or don't follow Meta's compliance rules, they will charge a penalty to your page.

Send as Comment Reply

Comment Reply is the third option within the Messenger node if the node is attached to a Facebook Comments Growth Tool

To use Facebook Comments (the default under Growth Tools), you must send a specific type of message.

And always when publishing, we'll let you know when there is an error in your set up. If you have any questions, please send in a support ticket.