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Shopify Abandoned Cart

In this article, you will learn how to set up your Abandoned Cart Campaign in ManyChat. First of all, you will need to connect our integration with Shopify to use Triggers from Shopify. Learn more about how to do this.

Right after you set up the integration, the Template with Abandoned Cart Campaign will be automatically installed on your page, and you will be ready to start. It is an example you can use to build your own campaign.

Activating abandoned cart campaign

The Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign is a 2-message campaign that is sent when your customers abandon their cart. The example Template contains 3 flows and all you need is to set them up:

1) Place widget for opt-ins in your Shopify Store.

You need to place our widget in your store to collect contacts that will get an abandoned cart message.

We placed in our Template an example with a popup that will show when customers click the 'Add to cart' button and create their cart. But you can use other widgets you like. Learn more about ManyChat Widgets in Shopify in our article.

Let's go back to our example with a popup. To activate it, please select a Widget and turn on a toggle in the sidebar. After activation, a Modal will be added to your Shopify store and shown to clients who add anything to their carts.

To see the modal preview, please click the 'Show Preview' button. You can also change the Modal design and the message that will be sent to contacts after opt-in in the sidebar.

After the activation, a Modal will be added to your Shopify store. The Default Modal looks like this:

The modal should appear after clicking the Add to Cart button.


Once your customer clicks the 'Send to Messenger' button in the Modal, they become your bot subscribed contact.

Note: People who are already subscribed to your bot must still opt-in through the Modal to start receiving abandoned cart messages. This is needed to match the store customer's id with their ManyChat id.

2️) Shopify 1st and 2nd Abandoned Cart Reminder

These two flows are your campaign. By default, the first message is scheduled for 1 hour after cart abandonment.
All you need to do is to activate these triggers by turning on the toggle in the sidebar. You can also set up a time period after which your customers will receive reminders and edit messages that will be sent to them. These messages will contain a button with the automatically generated link that will restore a customer's cart.

You can also tune the campaign settings according to your needs:

⚙️Design and opt-in message of your widgets

The design of your widgets can be changed in the sidebar. To see the preview in ManyChat, click 'Show Preview' button:

You can also change the default message text that will be sent to users when they opt-in to your bot.

⚙️You can change settings for Abandoned cart trigger

While setting up Abandoned cart reminders, you can choose the time period after which your customers will receive abandoned cart messages.

⚙️Reminder text

You can change the default message text of these reminders. The messages will contain a button with the automatically generated link to restore a customer's cart.

NOTE: Do not remove the automatically generated link in the button - this will break the reminder flow. You can add something after this field in the button (like UTM tags, markers, etc), but not before.

⚙️New Reminders

You can create more custom reminders by creating a new flow and adding a new type of trigger - Abandoned Cart. All triggers are available within Facebook Messenger, SMS and Email channels and sent with a delay of your choice.

⚙️Send the user back to the store with one button

The updated Shopify trigger through integrations allows for messages to include a button (Open Shopify Store) to be linked back to Shopify based on the customer’s last action. It will link to their cart or checkout window depending on where they last left off.

⚙️Use content from Shopify

After you add the Abandoned Cart trigger, you will get the ability to use the "Сart Url" dynamic variable in your content (that will automatically generate a link to contacts' cart):

⚙️Abandoned Cart Gallery 

You can use the Abandoned Cart Gallery to make your message more enticing by showing your customers the items they abandoned in a card gallery. All content for "cart gallery" is generated automatically, no need to set it up. Just click on the "+Cart" option in the "Send Message" step:

⚙️Use discount code in your automation

You can choose to apply a coupon code to a Shopify Cart. Selected Coupon will be redeemed automatically when contact clicks the link.