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The Unified Account feature has been deprecated and is no longer relevant for ManyChat! This article will be removed soon and replaced with a relevant version.

Please read all parts of this article very carefully. The update is related to connecting/disconnecting your Facebook business pages, deleting accounts and inviting users to accounts as Admins, and assigning roles to them.

This update means that your current ManyChat account has become independent from any channels: Facebook, SMS, Email solutions.

Before this release, your account was connected directly to Facebook, while additional SMS and Email channels (+ other channels in the future) could not have been used separately.

Now, your ManyChat account has become a space to which you can connect all available channels at the moment. You can use them separately or together as part of the omnichannel marketing.

To clarify things further, let's check the following changes.

  • How to create a new account

    Head to the panel with accounts on the left, scroll down and click Add New Account:

    Enter the account name then and click Create Account button:

    After the account is created, you will be able to edit its name by hovering over it in the Home > Insights Tab and clicking the pencil icon:

    NOTE: If you want to connect another business page to ManyChat, you can Remove Facebook page in Settings/General and connect another one.

  • You can add a new channel independently from other channels

    Head to the Home tab, find the needed channel, and click Connect:

  • Using Flow Builder without connected channels

    You can use Flow Builder without connected channels to understand how it works and create Templates.

    Please keep in mind:

    • PRO features will be available only after upgrading account to PRO
    • Widgets, Facebook Ads, Facebook Broadcasting, Paid Messages, Main Menu, Default reply, and Welcome Messages will work only after connecting a Facebook business page
  • Unified accounts can't be deleted at the moment (expect this functionality soon), but you can disconnect a Facebook page from the account

    There are two options: you can temporarily stop the bot by disconnecting the Page or you can completely remove Facebook Page from your account.
    As to stop the bot temporarily and disconnect a page, head to Settings > General, scroll down, and click the Disconnect button.

    Then confirm this action by typing disconnect and click Confirm.

    After disconnecting, you'll still be able to see the page you have disabled in the Home tab:

    If you want to reconnect the disabled page, head to Settings > General, scroll down, and click Reconnect. The page will be re-enabled right away.

    As to Remove Facebook Page from your account, go to Settings/General and click Remove Facebook Page button:

    NOTE: All contacts will be completely removed, when you remove your Facebook Page. They won't be restored.

  • Getting access to existing account

    To get access to a certain existing account, you have to ask the account's admin to send you the invitation link. The admin should go to Settings > Team and click + Invite New Member button.

    =Select the Role and click Generate A Link button.

    Click Copy button then and send the link to the new account member.


    • If you're managing Facebook business pages where you have roles and access, but disconnected these pages from ManyChat or did not connect them previously - you have to ask the page's admin to send you the access link. Such pages cannot be added to the new account because they may be connected to another unified account already. You have to get access to the entire unified account via the invitation link.

    • Effective September 1, 2021 new Free accounts will have a limit of (1) Team Member per account. Once this limit is exceeded, account owners will no longer be able to send messages to contacts through configured automations, Live Chat, and Broadcasts. Users may remove a team member to stay within the limits of the updated Free plan.