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How can I export my subscribers' data?

Here are all of the available options!

In the Audience tab of the ManyChat Menu, you can export your subscribers' PSIDs through the Bulk Actions:

The downloaded list will contain only PSIDs and nothing more.

If you would like to export specific data, you can set up a User Input block for collecting it and send it in a Flow to your subscribers. After the collecting part is done, you can download the spreadsheet will all responses directly from the Flow. Find the 'Respondents' button in the message block or the 'Show Responses' button in its overview:

Either of these buttons will take you to the list of responses - you'll see them in a Spreadsheet-type view. In the upper right corner of the page, you'll see the Export .csv option - that's it! Click it to download the file with all of the listed responses.

Specific data could also be exported into one of our Integrations. You can check the list of available integrations and articles about each one of them here.

For exporting all of your subscribers' data you could use the Google Sheets Integration.

Please note that it is not enough to simply connect this integration for the export to start. You need to set up specific Actions and send them to your subscribers in a Flow in order to export the data:

System Fields, Custom User Fields, Bot Fields, and Tags can be exported through this integration.

Last but not the least - you can export full subscriber's data to your own server using our Dev Tools: External Request.

Hope this information will be helpful!