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Shopify widget doesn't appear on my site

Check the visibility settings of your widget

Please make sure that your widget is not hidden on the page where you want it to be visible.

Check your site for style conflicts

Sometimes certain styles in Shopify templates might affect our widget's functionality. To check that try disabling CSS on your website.

  1. Check the site's Console for errors.
  2. Open Network tab -> click the "Request Blocking" tab at the bottom. If there's no such button at the bottom, click here:
  3. Click "Enable request blocking", then click +, type in *css, and click "Add". Then block *css by ticking it. After this, refresh the page and if the widget appears, the issue was caused by the styles conflict.

If the widget does load with CSS disabled, that means there is some kind of style conflict happening on your website and you need to look into it.

Also, please note, that other widgets/pop-ups/scripts/plugins installed on your website may disrupt our widget's functionality. Please try disabling them to see if the widget appears.

Shopify widget isn't working

  1. Try disabling and re-enabling the widget.
  2. Try opening your site in "Incognito mode" of your browser to see if the widget will get triggered.
  3. Try changing the "when does it display option". If your widget doesn't trigger when set to 'add to cart', try setting this option to 'Immediately' to see if the modal will show up. If it does, please check for any scripts/apps or pop-ups that are connected to the 'add to cart' button on your website. Those may disrupt the ManyChat widget's functionality so try disabling them and see if the widget works after that.
  4. If you use any additional apps for changing your Shopify store design that changes the classic Shopify Add to cart button - our widget cannot work. In some cases, we can't support some apps' Add to cart buttons. To check it - activate your widget that appears when someone clicks to add to cart button, open your store URL in incognito view of your browser and check that you will see the pop-up when you click the add to cart button.
  5. If it still doesn't work, try disconnecting the Shopify integration in Settings → Integrations and reconnecting it again.