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Shopify Product Catalog

Shopify Product Catalog feature allows you to set up more sensitive automations for the Abandoned Cart reminders to interact with your store visitors and send them messages based on the abandoned products.

Use the "Products in Cart" option in a Condition Step (after Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Browse triggers) to get the list of products from your Shopify store and select one or more items that will be used in the condition.

Select the condition you want to use and open the catalog. You can set up four different conditions depending on how you want to trigger the message.

ManyChat will auto-populate all the items from your Shopify store. Select one or more items you want to use in this condition.

Use the "Search" option which allows you to find a product by name or by full ID. You can also change the view to the list or to selected products. Click the button at the bottom to confirm your choice.

Now, if someone abandons any of these two products, they will get the message with the discount and if they don't have any of them in the Cart, I'll send a totally different one.

We hope this update will allow you to send meaningful and personalized offers which will definitely increase the abandoner cart recovery.

Keep in mind that you need to have a Shopify store connected in order to use this option.