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Shopify Customer Data Import


This feature allows ManyChat application in your Shopify store to import customer's data to ManyChat, where it magically (not really) transforms into a new contact.


  • The latest version of Manychat application should be installed
    • You can always update your "ManyChat → Shopify" integration in Settings → Integrations tab

How it works

Quite simple, in fact

  • Customer visits your Shopify store and, at some point of wandering, completes the checkout
    • Important: "Keep me up to date..." checkbox should be marked - otherwise we will not import this customer's data, in order not to violate privacy policy.

  • A few seconds after you will find a new contact in your "Contacts" tab

  • Click on that customer and you will see, that we imported the customer's First and Last Names and an Email, which he pointed as contact information. Additionally, we automatically opted-in this new contact for an Email channel - since he clearly prefers it to communicate
    • Of course, if our young master Frodo chose to input his phone number - we would have imported it and opted-in him for an SMS channel

  • Please, note: if there already is a contact in ManyChat with the same email/phone as we received from the "Contact information" field - a new contact won't be created.

Receiving additional Data

  •  As soon as you've got working Shopify Email/Phone import - you can set it up to receive additional data.

Let's give it a look (I'll cover only possibly unclear fields) :

  • Raw data - you can manually download a raw JSON file, which we actually receive from Shopify. There are lots of amazing data - if you need something from there to complete a use case, let us know via this beautiful website
  • Account state- shows if this customer signed in your Shopify store. There are 4 possible states:
    • Disabled - customer haven't created an account yet
    • Invited - Shopify sent an email to this customer with a verification link to activate an account
    • Declined - customer clicked a "Decline" button inside the email
    • Enabled - customer successfully created an account in your Shopify store
  • Shopify ID - customer's id in your Shopify store, but also a link directing to this customer's page in your store admin section
  • Accepts marketing - will always be a "Yes", since we don't import those customers who said "No"
  • Last Checkout ID - a link directing to this checkout's page in our store admin section. If checkout has become an order - you'll be redirected to the corresponding order's page

It was just the beginning - real fun starts now. This feature added not only a bunch of fields - but a few ways to use them.

  • Use new fields in Conditions - to create a unique experience in Flows or to segment your Contacts

  • Use them in Rules to be always aware of your Shopify store's customers

  • Use them in text messages as context variables to receive more information

There are tons of other ways to use these fields - be creative!