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ManyChat Wallet for SMS & Email

What is SMS/Email Balance

For using ManyChat for SMS and Email, after activating the channel you should set up Balance to pay for sending messages. Note that SMS and Email billing is not the same pattern as a monthly subscription.

Through this article, you will learn how SMS and Email balance works, where to find billing information and how to refill it.

How does the charging from Balance work

We gift you 50 FREE Messages and  10000 FREE Email in the first month when you signed the terms of use. Once your 50 free messages or 10000 Emails are sent, then you will be charged per message or Email sent. You must have available balance for sending SMS or Email.

The system automatically checks the Balance before each sending the Message or Email and only after sending it writes off funds from balance. Flow with SMS or Email will be stopped when your Balance is below the cost of sending a single SMS message or Email.

We will notify you when your Balance becomes unavailable for sending. So we recommend to be aware of your balance and set up the Auto-Refill option to make a successful marketing.

How to fill the Balance

Here you can read how to activate SMS or Email channels.

When you finished activating of SMS or Email channel we recommend you enable the Auto-Refill option for your Balance. This will make you confident and calm, that every SMS or Email will be sent or Broadcast cannot be interrupted because of insufficient funds in your Balance. By default, Auto-Refill is disabled.

You can select what amount will be automatically charged from your billing card when the balance will drop below the threshold. You also can change both these values and Auto-Refill status at any time.

If you skip saving Auto-Refill settings, you will be able to return to this in the Settings section later. 

You can find Balance information in Settings → Billing.

If you already have activated auto-refill settings, you see it here. It is able to configure Autorefil (1):

If you decided not to use Auto-Refill, you can do One Time Payments. Click on Add Funds (2) in the Balance section and enter the required amount. After you confirm by clicking on "Add Funds to Balance" the amount automatically charged from your card and add to Balance.

How to find information about Balance usage

If you have to get information about Balance usage, you should submit a request to Support to get CSV file (3) with all details. There is information about all charges from your Balance. It could be useful for detailed analysis.

Refund money from Balance

If you need to refund money from the balance for different reasons you should send a request to Support (4).

SMS and Email are available only for Pro plans. So in case if your subscription is expired or you deactivate both SMS and Email channels the Balance will be frozen. If you want to refund money from the frozen account you also should connect with our Support team

The funds will be returned to the credit card that you initially used to make the payment.