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Customer Chat Guest Mode

‘Guest Mode’ for Customer Chat gives your customers the ability to communicate with your business without having to log into their Facebook accounts.


Facebook released an update for their Chat Plugin on August 4th, 2020.

In this article, we’ll cover how the updates affect the ManyChat Customer Chat growth tool, how you can enable ‘guest mode’, and how to build a flow for customers interacting with your bot as a guest (referred to as ‘visitors’ in ManyChat).

Enabling guest mode

You can enable the Chat Plugin and use ‘guest mode’ on your website by installing the Customer Chat growth tool, an extension of the Facebook Chat Plugin. ‘Guest mode’ is automatically enabled for the Facebook Chat Plugin. 

You can disable ‘guest mode’ for the Chat Plugin through Facebook’s page settings. You’ll need full admin privileges to access the page setting to modify this. 

Follow the screencast below to find the toggle to switch ‘guest mode’ off:

Divide et impera

Refer to this support article to learn how to set the Customer Chat growth tool up for your page.

In order to build individual flows for both existing subscribers and visitors, simply use the Condition ‘Existing Contact’ and set this as true or false to build your flows. From here, you can build your flow easily to communicate with both customer types.

Vistors 101

There are some limitations when building your flow for visitors - visitors cannot be subscribed to a sequence and you won’t be able to use any personalization for them as you won’t have their Facebook profile information.

Visitors can be found in the ‘Audience’ tab in ManyChat along with your subscribers. You can change these audience visibility settings by going to Settings -> General -> Audience Visibility.

Here is what a conversation with a visitor looks like in Live Chat:

You’ll see that data is limited on a visitor’s card, but you’ll still be able to add Tags or Custom Fields to them, along with the ability to use with Actions in your flows with visitors. 

Your conversation with a visitor ends when the visitor closes the conversation and leaves that chat or after 24 hours have passed since the last interaction took place.

‘Guest mode’ is a powerful enhancement to Customer Chat. You can engage more customers with your products or services by answering questions and offering live human support when needed, without the extra step of logging into Facebook.

Create/Update Contact action

Create/Update Contact action allows you to "materialize" subscribers from visitors. It can be used only in a Flow with Customer chat GT.

Create a few User Inputs to collect visitor's contacts (NOTE: you won't be able to materialize a subscriber if its' initial visitor doesn't have a phone or email). Don't forget to ask your visitor's consent!

After all the User Inputs create an Action - Create/Update Contact. Here you also may choose a Flow that will be triggered for a materialized subscriber (NOTE: it's recommended to check subscriber's opt-in (SMS/Email) in this Flow via Condition and send him a message in a corresponding channel). Materialisation works quite simple:

  •  We will try to find an existing subscriber with the same phone or email and merge visitor's data (opt-ins, tags, CUFs, LC thread). Tags will be added and CUFs will be filled or updated.
  •  If we will fail to find such subscriber - we will simply create a new one

Now your visitors will become subscribers which can be used in other automations and broadcasts!

Live Chat

Even after Contact creation guest thread still will be available - as part of conversation history with a subscriber. You'll be able to reach it through cross-links in Guest chat tabs.

Subscriber's Live chat thread:

His initial visitor's Live chat thread