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Instagram Keywords

Keywords are one of the most useful tools for setting up ManyChat on your Instagram account because they trigger automation when your followers use specific, pre-determined words or phrases. When you're receiving a large volume of Direct Messages from users asking the same or similar questions, setting up Keywords will make managing your Instagram account so much easier by directing those messages to automated flows.

How to Set Up Instagram Keywords

  • To create a Keyword, go to Automations —> Keywords

  • Click New Keyword and type in a word or a phrase that you want to trigger an automated response or Flow.

  • After you've entered your keywords, click on Select Channel —> Instagram —> Create Keyword

  • Note that you are able to use commas to divide keywords or phrases.

  • Finally, you will either need to link existing Flows to your keywords or create new Flows using Flow Builder.

  • After linking your flows and keywords, you're good to go!