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How to Connect a Template Flow for Instagram Automation

When installing a template for Instagram Default Reply, Conversation Starters, or the Story Mention Reply trigger, you'll need to replace the flows already connected to these entry points with the template flow you want to use. 

Once you've installed a template to your ManyChat account, your template(s) will save to a folder in ManyChat under Automation —> Flows. 

To connect a pre-built template flow, go to Settings —> Instagram and click Edit on the entry point or trigger you want to install the template on:

Once you click Edit, you'll open up the current flow connected to the selected entry points or triggers in Flow Builder.

For Conversation Starters, click Edit, select or create a new Conversation Starter, and then click the blue icon to open up each flow up in Flow Builder:

Once you're in Flow Builder, click Replace in the upper right-hand corner, locate the template folder, and select the pre-built flow you want to connect:

Once you've connected the template flow, you can customize it as needed.