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SMS Channel Changes 2023

We’re making changes to SMS messaging in Manychat. 

What are the changes?

We are making a change to the SMS channel connection to in-product integration with Twilio. Previously, we registered your brands/businesses and provided the phone number when you connect SMS channel - the new way is to connect it through your Twilio account.

Don’t worry—we’ll continue to provide solutions to include SMS in your chat marketing campaigns on our platform only the channel connection will change. Your experience will stay the same (building flows with SMS nodes, keywords, SMS modal, Live Chat and Broadcasting), but you will need a Twilio account to use the SMS channel in Manychat.

Until March 31, 2023 you will need to re-connect SMS channel with Twilio account to continue sending SMS messages through Manychat.

Why are we making these changes?

At Manychat, we aim to make it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with your customers through chat. When it comes to SMS messaging, it’s vital that your communications via this channel stay up-to-date with all applicable government regulations. These regulations are ever-changing, which is why we’ve determined the best way to keep the SMS components of your chat campaigns running while staying compliant is to shift to in-product integration with Twilio.

What do you need to do?

In order to continue sending SMS messages through your Manychat campaigns, you’ll need to reconnect your SMS channel using the Twilio integration. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. If you don’t have a Twilio account, you’ll need to sign-up, buy a phone number, and register your brand.
  2. Disconnect your current SMS channel in Manychat by navigating to Settings > SMS and then clicking “Disconnect”
  3. Connect your Twilio account in the SMS channel by providing your Account SID, Auth Token, and Twilio phone number under Setting > SMS

That’s it! Any existing automation with SMS messages will continue to work as it did before.

Frequently asked questions:

What should I do if I want to save my current phone number?
We can help you to migrate your phone number from Manychat Twilio account to your Twilio account. Twilio phone numbers can be transferred between different accounts by the Twilio Support team. Here is the instruction on how to move Twilio Phone Numbers in Twilio.
So you will need to collect needed infromation and share it with Twilio Support team.
To assist you and help with information from our side - please write us here
Please note that it make take time to complete the migration with Twilio. You may need to pause your SMS campaign during this time.

Will my billing change?
The SMS channel will continue to be available through the PRO plan, but payments for sending SMS messages will be handled by Twilio, not Manychat. You should consult Twilio’s pricing or a Twilio representative to determine your pricing through Twilio.

What if I don’t take action?
Any existing SMS channel that hasn’t been connected to a Twilio account will be turned off starting March 31, 2023. That means any campaign with SMS messages will not be sent.