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There are a couple of ways to transfer your content to another bot. You can copy each flow separately or transfer your whole bot to any other account you manage. This article will show how Bot Cloning can transfer your content. 

Bot Cloning feature allows you to transfer the content to another account with just a couple of clicks. It will copy all your flows and automations (except Growth Tools) to the destination account. If your source account is Pro, your destination account should also be Pro for the cloning to work. 

To clone your bot, go to Settings -> General and click Clone This Bot button.

Select one of the accounts you manage in the drop-down menu. Next, your destination account's Welcome Message, Default Reply, and conflicting Keywords will get new flows attached. 

Note:  You can use your old flows located in the Flows section.

As soon as you click the Clone button, the system will return a note:

After you clone the content of the source bot to the receiving one, you won’t be able to easily uninstall this content. You can still delete everything manually if you wish. Besides, all of Messenger Flows of the receiving bot will remain, so no truly irreversible changes are done.

Click Clone Now to proceed. The Cloning Successful! prompt indicates your content was successfully transferred to the receiving account. You have the option to access your new bot or stay in the current one. 

To make sure everything is copied, go to your destination account and check the transferred content. You'll find the new folder with the source account name that was created. It will be stored in the Flows Section for you to easily manage. 

Your Welcome Message, Default Reply, and conflicting Keywords have new flows attached. Your old flows are detached but they're still accessible in the Flows Section to use again. 


If while trying to clone the bot to another account you got this or any other error, it's most likely that there's some corrupted content in your source account. A quick way to find them yourself is to create a Template with all the content from this account. 

The Template will highlight all corrupted elements in red for you to easily find and fix. Unpublished or deleted Flows on the source bot are usually causing this issue.