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Handover Protocol


The Handover protocol is a Facebook and Instagram feature that controls contacts' conversations and passes control over them between apps like ManyChat

You need to use Handover only when you have several apps as it helps to avoid spamming your contacts with messages from different apps. Don't use it if you have only ManyChat.

Note that Handover moves all conversations to the Page Inbox's "Done" folder automatically. Disable Handover to restore them back.


If Handover protocol is set incorrectly, your contacts will experience problems with...
1. Opt-ins and Growth Tools;

2. User Input and automatic answers;
3. Buttons and Quick Replies;
4. Receiving any scheduled automatic messages;
5. Receiving any answers from the bot.

6. Triggering Keywords.

Correct Handover setup is on the screenshot below. You can find these under ManyChat Settings => Messenger. 
If you see here None or Unknown, Handover is disabled. Bot still works without it.
Wrong settings look like this:
If you see this, Handover doesn't work correctly and you need to set ManyChat as Primary.


I. To enable Handover protocol, head to FB Page Settings -> Advanced Messaging -> Handover protocol -> click Configure on the Messenger or Instagram receiver, depending on the channel where you experience issues.

Assign the Primary role to ManyChat.

Handover moves all conversations to the Page Inbox's "Done" folder automatically, but Page Inbox still saves the conversations history.II. To disable Handover protocol, head to the same place. Click on an app again. That will de-select it and the "Select" option will remain. Handover's disabled.

Disabling Handover moves all conversations back to the Main folder of Page Inbox.

After any change, make sure to Refresh Permissions through the Help button.


If you had any problems with automation, message sending, or double messages prior to installing Handover, you need to open the conversation of the contact with a problem and click here:
Doesn't matter if it's "Mark as done" or "Open", this button will work nevertheless: it will pass the control over the conversation to ManyChat!

You may also set another application as LiveChat App, in case you want to pass conversations between different apps manually. 
When it's set, marking conversation as Open will pass it to the chosen app. Marking it as Done will pass control over to ManyChat again.

Settings look like this.