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Sending Emails Through Manychat

Great news - now you can send an Email to your contact right through Manychat! Isn't that cool? We're excited too!

Just like the SMS feature, it's only available on a Pro plan.

How do I start sending Emails through Manychat?

1. Before you start using this feature, make sure to enable it under Email tab in Settings:

The next thing you'll need to do is set up your Contact Information - without it, you will not be able to send Emails:

You'll also be able to edit the contact information in the same section whenever it's needed.

2. Get consent for receiving Email and Email address.

Similar to the SMS feature, you're given 2 new System fields - they are 'Opted-In for Email' and the contact's Email address:

For doing it you need to enable the Set Email Opt-In feature in the User Input Block. This is crucial for sending an Email! Also, when you collect Emails from your subscribers, make sure you got their consent to receive your Emails. 

Here is an example of how an Email opt-in flow can look.

There is a second way. Check out this sample flow:

First step: requesting the Email. You need to select "Send Message" block. Use "User input", select "Reply type" as Email, and select "Save Email to System Field"

NOTE: The system field can be edited in the "Contacts" tab or you can replace it with the value of the Custom Field

Second step: Checking that the Email has been entered. Do not forget to check it if you want to send the following message only for those who gave you an Email address.

Alright, Email is shared and checked, but that's not it just yet! 

Third step: User consent request. To subscribe the contact to your Emails, you'll need them to request contact consent to receive Email letters and trigger the 'Set Email Opt In' action:

3. Now, let's move to an Email setup in Flow Builder. Send it as flow with triggers and sequences.

To set up the Email's content, select 'Send Email'  - it's a new type of block that can be accessed here. 

Your Email must contain the Subject and the Preheader. The other blocks like Headline, Text, Image and Button are optional:

Please note that for now you can only send images (PNG and JPEG). Animations will be converted to static pictures on sending.

You can set a custom button title and attach to it any of the actions below (we recommend to use it for reengagement of your subscribed contact to your bot):

Under the Email content you add, the recipient will always see why they have received it, and your contact information that you provide in Settings > Email.

Once an Email is sent, you will see an 'Email message sent' system message in the contact's conversation in Live Chat:

4. Another good news is that you can actually broadcast to all your subscribed contacts with an Email! 

To send Email broadcast, you need to go to the "Broadcasting" section, click  button and select Email in the modal window that appears:

After setting up the flow, click 'Send Now' and voila - your Email is bumped into the contact's mail inbox!

How much does it cost?

We will give you a free number of emails every month. Number of Emails depend on your PRO account plan t: up to 500 contacts = 5000 free Emails every month, up to 5000 contacts = 50000 free Emails and so on.

If you finish free emails, you will be charged $0,003 per Email as pay as you go. 

We will bill you for every 5000 emails sent from your account. At the end of the month we also bill you separately for any amount of messages sent by that moment beyond the last 5000 emails you paid for. 

Charges will be made for the same card used for Pro subscription.

To learn more about the current pricing details, click the '?' icon next to Email in the Billing section.

Your Billing history is also divided into 2 sections: subscription Invoices and Service payments.

Subscription Invoices for your PRO plan (in Messenger). Service payments for your service payments for SMS/Email.

The following is the BETA version of pricing for the next 2 months: (starting from September 14, 2019).

Where can I see my statistics?

You need to go Settings - Email - to see your full statistic.

You can also see statistics in Email block for a specific Email letter.

Here are some differences from Messenger block: we added bounce (the number of undelivered messages due to a non-existent email address or mailing protection by anti-bounce services), spam report (when your contact marks your letter as spam) and unsubscribing to give you instruments to evaluate the effectiveness of your letter and your contact base.

Manychat Branding 

You can remove Manychat branding from the footer of the Email. Go to Settings and select Email. Change branding to "Disabled".

Note that there is no option to change it for now. 

Email troubleshooting

Email isn't sent

Make sure that you're saving the contact email to the System Field and that you've set up the 'opted-in for email' action correctly as it was described at the beginning of this article.

Flow didn't continue after email

Check if the flow with Email and other follow-up blocks is properly Published to be sure you're sending correct version of it.

Also make sure that the follow-up block is properly connected to the Email block via '+ Link to another step' option, '+ Add User Reply' button, or 'Continue to another step' option.

Can't export list of emails

Open the Flow containing the User Input and click on the purple "Respondents" button. Then click on "Show responses". Here you can see the list of emails saved in your flow. You can export them in the .csv format.

How can I change the Email from which messages are sent

Here is an article on how to do that!