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Bounced Emails


Bounced emails can occur when an email isn’t successfully delivered to an email address or is rejected by the contact's email provider. A high number of bounces can negatively impact your deliverability rate.

In this article, you'll learn about the different types of bounces and how ManyChat works with them.

Types of bounces

ManyChat determines two types of bounces that are handled differently.

  • Hard bounce

A hard bounce occurs when an email cannot be delivered due to a permanent reason. The two main reasons are: the contact's email address doesn't exist or the email server for the email address has permanently blocked delivery.

  • Soft bounce

A  soft bounce occurs when an email cannot be delivered due to a temporary reason. This can be caused by the contact’s mailbox being full or the mailbox server being temporarily unavailable.

Bounce rate and how to avoid bounces

Email services have limits for bounces, unsubscribes, and abuse complaints and ManyChat is required to enforce these limits. If these rates become too high, it may prompt a warning or suspension on your account. High bounce rates can be a result of your email audiences going cold, or sending to email addresses that were improperly entered or imported.

Always keep your contacts' information up to date. If you haven't sent a campaign in a while, we recommend reconfirm your contact list. This can help protect your contact list from invalid email addresses that may affect your bounce rate.

You can use email cleaning services that scan your email marketing contact lists for bad or invalid addresses. Please note that there are a lot of services - their accuracy may vary and is never 100%.

How does ManyChat manage bounces?

After you send an email campaign with ManyChat, we track its delivery and opt-out hard bounced addresses from your contact list. A hard bounce is permanent, so ManyChat protects you from sending to this address again. Contacts with bounced email addresses after the campaign is sent you can tag and view which contacts had a soft bounce (Email is still opted-in) or a hard bounce (Email is no longer opted-in).

You should now understand what hard and soft bounces are, how to manage them, and how to protect yourself bounces.