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ActiveCampaign Integration

Life's just got much easier - now you can connect your existing ActiveCampaign account to ManyChat without using any third-party apps!

Setting up the integration

Head to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to find 'ActiveCampaign Integration' section:

Enter API URL and API Key in the corresponding fields - you can find both in your ActiveCampaign account, just head to Settings > Developer:

Once you've copied and pasted them, click 'Connect ActiveCampaign Account' button and you're all set:

'Add Contact' Action

Use this Action in your Flow to add a contact to the Contacts list in your ActiveCampaign Account - create an Action Step and select ActiveCampaign Actions in the modal window:

Select 'Add Contact' Action and specify the Identity Field - a Custom Field of the Text Type or System Field which contains user’s email to identify ActiveCampaign Contacts:

That's it - feel free to test a Flow with this Action in it. Once the user shares the email with you, the information will be recorded and displayed in the 'Contacts' tab of your ActiveCampaign Account:


Integration Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues with ActiveCampaign integration, please make sure that your identity field is set up correctly. If you are certain that everything is set up as intended, try reconnecting the integration and then refresh permissions in Settings > General.

Please note that ActiveCampaign can only be integrated with ManyChat if your ActiveCampaign plan is Upgraded and not Trial! Trying to integrate a Trial ActiveCampaign account with ManyChat will result in an error message!