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Custom Audience

Since March 2023 Facebook Ads integration feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

Creating a Custom Audience

From your Set Up Ad Set screen, select Create Custom/Lookalike Audience from the dropdown.

Click Custom Audience box.

Give your audience a name. Note, if you are not subscribed to your bot, you will have to subscribe to it before this step. 

Choose contacts you’d like to include in your audience. Then click Create Audience to upload group to Facebook Business Manager. Here is how it is done:

While creating the Custom Audience, click the "Action needed" tab. There, you will see the "Do Not Upload" drop down menu. Click it, select the Page ID of your ManyChat account and save the changes.

Facebook Custom Audience Action (FCAA)

This action adds your contacts to existing Custom Audience of your choice by their IDs. PSID is used by default as an ID option. With this action you don't need to upload PSIDs to Facebook manually every time you want to update your Custom Audience. Feature requires Pro Account.

1. Go to specific place of desired Flow in your bot where you want get contact added to existing Custom Audience. This can be a sales Flow where a customer commits transaction or where your prospect books a demo. Any Flow step that qualify your lead as valuable for your business would work. Just chain the FCAA to it. Usually, with this action you want to add contacts who pass a certain part of your Flow to a Custom Audience that is used as a source for Lookalike Audience. And Lookalike Audience in its turn is used in ManyChat Ads for targeting new people that are most similar to your best converting clients. By setting this up your secure a self improving conversion funnel for your bot. 

2. Set up the action by providing 2 parameters: Ad Account and Custom Audience related to that Ad Account:

3. Click “Save”.

4. You can check new records being added to Custom Audience in Audience History of Facebook Business Manager as described above.