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Klaviyo Integration


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses - featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. ManyChat + Klaviyo integration allows us to Create or Update a Contact in a List.
Create a new contact if it doesn't already exist in Klaviyo or update an existing one with contacts' Custom Fields. An existing contact will be identified by the email address.

Setting up an Integration

Go to Settings > Integrations and enter Public API Key and Private API Key to connect your existing Klaviyo account.

You can find your API Keys in Klaviyo Account. Press "How to get" and copy keys from here 

In the case of a successful connection, you will see such a screen.

Use Klaviyo Action

To add or update a contact in a List use the special Klaviyo action in your Flow or Rule. Create an Action Step and select Klaviyo Actions in the drop-down menu.

Select "Create or Update a Contact in a list"

Create or update a Contact in a List

First, select the Email field which you will use to send a Contact to Klaviyo. An existing contact will be identified by its email address.

You are able to use the Email system field or any text Custom User Fields where you store contact Emails.

Second, select Klaviyo list to which you will create new contacts. A list can only be created in Klaviyo.

Third, select the fields with the contact data that you want to send to Klaviyo. By default, we pre-assign you four fields each time (first_name, last_name, phone_number, timezone), but you can delete them or select others.

In the right drop-down list, you see the list of Special Klaviyo Properties (=System Fields in ManyChat). We mark it with "$" so you can identify it and send the correct data to Klaviyo (it is important to add "$" before special property so Klavio can identify it as Special Property).

You can also enter a new custom property and send ManyChat data (from Custom User Fields) to Klaviyo. You do not need to add here "$" if you want to send data to Custom Klaviyo Property. 

When you are done with the settings, click the "Save" button, and publish flow.

As a result, you will get a new contact in Klaviyo. If this contact already exists there, contact properties will be updated with new fields (in case they were updated inside ManyChat).