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Hotmart Integration

How do I set up an integration?

What can I do with this integration?

How does this work?

How do I set up an integration?

  1. Login to your Manychat account;
  2. Go to Settings > Integration > Hotmart

  3. Insert your parameters:
    Client ID
    Client Secret
    Basic Key
    Verification hottok

    Where do I get this data from?

    - Client ID, Client Secret, Basic Key: 
    To access the parameters above, go to Hotmart Credentials ( and Create a new credential.

    - To access Verification hottok, go to Webhook setting and copy Verification hottok from there (

Copy your Hotmart Webhook, copy it to Hotmark Webhook page ( Click Register Webhook and insert this URL there.

What can I do with this integration?

This powerful tool will help you utilize your Manychat channels to their fullest by creating personalized flows based on the step your followers proceed to.

Manychat x Hotmart integration helps you with the following goals:

Set up automation for an abandoned cart event;

Set up automation for changes in the purchase flow.

How does this work?

Hotmart integration works with all Manychat channels, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Hotmart can help you seamlessly drive traffic from your social media channels to Hotmart and send them notifications to remind about abandoned cart or purchase status changes.

The most crucial part is that you have an email or a phone number captured through a Manychat automated and saved into a System Field: Manychat scans for an email or phone number and matches them with the data that your customer leaves in Hotmart.