Receive payments with Buy Button

This feature is currently in Beta!

Finally, you are able to receive payments in Messenger using ManyChat! Yay, congratulations!

Let's see how you can do that and what to set up inside ManyChat.

Connect Stripe account

Open Settings section in ManyChat and click on Payments tab:

On this tab, you can connect Stripe account, select currency type for your Buy Buttons and select notification type about payment. Order History for all purchases can also be found here. 

Click on Add Or Create Stripe account to log in Stripe system. 

 You need to be an admin on ManyChat and on Stripe in order to connect your account. Otherwise, an error will appear and you won't be able to proceed.

If you have a new Stripe account, you will need to add some additional info about your business. Stripe isn't available in all countries, here is a list of countries your business must be based to use Stripe.

When Stripe account is successfully connected you can add Buy Button to your flows!

Creating Buy Button

Buy Button is a special type of our well-known buttons. As you can see in this screenshot, Buy Button can be added only to Card, Gallery, List, and Media Template elements:

When a proper element selected you can create a nice display for your goods. Add a good picture and an info about your product:

Here you can define Button Title, Item Price in selected currency, Item Name (only shows in orders history, customers won't see it) and Additional User Data which can be requested from customers. By default, an email will be requested.

Of course, you can connect additional nodes to Buy Button, make payment experience for your customers as informative as possible!

When your Subscriber received a flow with Buy Button and click on it a web view form appears:

After a successful payment Subscriber will see another web view and receive a confirmation message from your bot.


- Where can I find Terms of Service for payments?

- Check Section 7 of our ToS here.

- Why isn't Apple Pay/Android Pay supported? 

- Those cool features work in a browser but not directly in Messenger. In the current version, we want to focus on keeping bot interaction as consistent as possible. Still, this feature may be supported in future!

- Why do you use Stripe but not PayPal or Facebook Payments?

- Native Facebook payments are only available in 3 countries. As for PayPal, Stripe integration turned out as a much faster solution in terms of development and support in comparison.

- Why is it possible to purchase only one product at a time?

- Otherwise, we will need to do a Basket, option to add and remove products from it etc. We decide to release an MVP to understands market needs and add more function on demand. Also as we investigated one product at a time suits many e-commerce businesses :) 

- How do I test if my payment flow is working?

- To make a test purchase you can use test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any expiration date and CVC

And that's all! Hope Payments feature will help your business grow!