Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets Integration

From this article, you will learn how to connect your ManyChat Account to Google Sheets, and how to simply transfer your subscriber's data to table by action in flow.

Connect your Google account

Firstly, you have to connect your Google account to ManyChat:
1. Go to Settings —> Integrations 
2. Tap the button bellow: Connect Google Sheets Account, and confirm the authorization.
3. Now you can begin to use Google Sheets.

Add Google Sheets action to flow

You can add the integration action in one of your flows, and when your subscriber passes through this flow, his data will be pushed to your Google Sheet.

1. Create a new worksheet in your Google Docs and prepare column names on the first row of the document

2. Go to the flow where you want to add an action

3. Make a new action node and choose Google Sheet Actions

Set up your Worksheet action

1. Click on the Insert Row link, and Google Sheets wizard will be appeared

2. Choose your spreadsheet, worksheet, and match ManyChat fields to the worksheet fields. All subscriber's data, Custom User Fields, Bot Fields or tags are available to send.

Now, you can try your flow, and the chosen data will be in your Worksheet.

Notice: If you want to change structure of your Worksheet, you have to go to the wizard of your Google Sheets Action and refresh fields.