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Table of contents:

1. Numbers are saved in E+15 format

2. Data isn't passed to Google Sheets

3. New row is created instead of Update Row in Google Sheets

1. Numbers are saved in E+15 format

To avoid having long numbers being saved in exponential notation (2.81837E+15 instead of 2818370524879520) please make sure to format the cells of your sheet to Plain Text before passing the data to your sheet.

You can do this by going to Format -> Number -> Plain text:

Please make sure to format the cells to Plain text before the data is passed to your Google Sheet.

2. Data isn't passed to Google Sheets

Make sure that fields you're using to send data from ManyChat to Google Sheets actually have some values in them.

If you're collecting your subscriber's information with user input blocks don't forget to specify a system or custom field to store the answers before trying to pass this info to Google Sheet:

If you're seeing some weird behavior when passing data to Google Sheets, you can try to create a new sheet and copy your existing structure there.

Also make sure the Sheet you're using is actually created in your account and is not shared by someone else. This may cause some unpredictable behavior, so it is a good idea just to copy the entire shared sheet to a new one created in your Google account.

Google Sheets API Limit

Please note, that Google API is only able  to process 250 requests to one Google Sheets Account in 100 seconds, meaning that you can send only 250 users into that sheet per 100 seconds from your bot. If you send more, Google may reject your request and all following data will be lost. We recommend splitting your Audience into smaller groups to get it done.

Here is a simple example of how you can split your audience within a certain Flow using Randomizer and Smart Delays with different delay times:

3. New row is created instead of Update Row in Google Sheets

If you're seeing duplicates inserted instead of getting your Rows updated in Google Sheets with Update Row Action please try the following:

1. Make sure you've specified the correct Lookup Value and Lookup Column in your Update Row Action:

2. If the values are specified correctly, then the formatting of your Google Sheets document might be causing this issue. To solve that please try selecting all the cells in your sheet and formatting them to Plain Text:

3. If you're still seeing duplicates, please try to create a new empty sheet with the same structure, format the cells to 'Plain Text'. Then select the new Sheet in your Update Row Action block and set up all the fields accordingly.