Handover Protocol

Handover Protocol is a protocol of passing control on user conversations to the LiveChat apps based on their Receiver Role. We will cover each part in detail below.

Handover protocol enables two or more Facebook apps to participate in a conversation at the same time. To activate the handover protocol, it is required for a Page to have only one app with the Primary Receiver role and at least one with the Secondary Receiver role assigned. If there are no Secondary receivers, Handover Protocol will not be activated.

By default, the Primary Receiver app gets the conversation control to handle incoming user messages. Using ManyChat, it is recommended (but not mandatory) to set it as the Primary Receiver and other apps as Secondary Receivers.

To enable Handover Protocol: in the Fan Page's Settings => Messenger Platform, assign one Facebook app the Primary Receiver role and the other the Secondary Receiver role. Typically, the Primary Receiver would be a bot that can respond to most incoming messages automatically, and the Secondary Receiver would route to chat with a live agent or be a specialized app for handling certain request types.

All conversations are synchronized in LiveChat and Page Inbox. If a conversation marked as Open or Done, this conversation will be automatically put in the “Open” or “Done” folder of Page Inbox. ManyChat allows you to handle Automation and LiveChat alike without leaving the page!

Note that you can handle all the conversations without even using Page Inbox. To handle all your conversations through ManyChat, everything should be set up like this:

  1. ManyChat is set as a Primary Receiver on Messenger Platform (your Public Page > Settings);

  2. Page Inbox selected as Secondary Receiver along with any other apps on Messenger Platform;

  3. ManyChat selected as LiveChat app at ManyChat Settings > Handover.

  4. (Optional) If you had any problems with the Automation in some conversations, mark them as Done and/or Reopen and test the Automation again.

If you want to handle your conversations through the Page Inbox using ManyChat:

  1. Head to the Settings > Handover Protocol and set Page Inbox as LiveChat App;

  2. Add an Action “Open Conversation” to any place of your Default Reply. That action will pass conversation control to the Page Inbox.

The following is a summary of the available actions by role:

  1. Primary receiver — the app that will receive information about any conversations first, will have priority options for interaction and will define the behavior of other live chat apps.

  2. Secondary receiver — the app that will have second priority for interaction with the user and will obey the Primary Receiver.


To sum up a resolution for the problems connected to Handover Protocol: if you are trying to use two LiveChat apps simultaneously including ManyChat and experiencing any problems with messaging/Automation, try to set ManyChat as Primary and other apps as Secondary. If the problem persists after that, try to open and close problematic conversations in LiveChat.

Warning: if you are using ManyChat but set any other app as a Primary Receiver, we cannot guarantee stable work of any Automation that you set up through ManyChat. If you set ManyChat as Secondary Receiver, sequences and broadcast may not launch at all and some automation might be blocked from sending.