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You can create a contact manually. Go to Contacts and press on the button "Create New Contact". 

Fill in the fields on the screen to create contact. You can enter a name, phone number, email, and gender. Phone or Email are the required fields for creating a contact.

If you are going to send text messages or emails to a new contact, please be sure that you have received contact consent to this. It is a mandatory part of SMS and Email marketing because it is regulated by the law. Please check the laws in your specific country before sending messages.

Important:  after creation, you can only edit the Phone or Email so please enter the information carefully. In the next iterations, you will be able to edit more contact fields.

Data validation rules:

Phone and Email are checked at the time of creation. If the data is incorrect, you cannot create a contact. Below is the description of how we check the data.


- The phone number is correct (we check the number of digits in the phone depending on the country. So if you enter more / fewer digits than there is in a specific country, contact will not be created);

- The phone number exists. We check if such a phone number exists and whether it is active. 


- Email is valid (if @ is missing, the contact will not be created).

If the entered Phone or Email is already assigned to another contact from your contact list, then you will not be able to create a contact with such data.