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Customer Chat issues due to Facebook Graph API update

On November 2, 2020, Facebook rolled out an update for their Graph API creating a new Customer Chat behavior. On the same day, we've identified a bug in that update that affects Customer Chat Growth Tool. We've immediately reported the issue to Facebook and released the fix to minimize the impact, but our users may still experience some issues with Customer Chat. 

Current Customer Chat widget issues caused by the new behavior:

  • Tags, Custom User Field updates and other Actions won't apply before subscriber interacts with the bot through Customer Chat
  • User Input won't be sent to a subscriber through Customer Chat if this subscriber didn't reply to the opt-in message
  • 'Opted In through' isn't recognized for subscribers who opted-in through Customer Chat. You will see it as 'Direct'
  • 'Pass value from widget to Custom Field' feature won't work for subscribers who didn't reply to Customer Chat's opt-in message

To avoid these issues, you need to make sure your subscribers interact with Customer Chat's Opt-in message right away. We recommend to re-build your Flows connected to Customer Chat and focus them on early interaction, such as buttons in the opt-in message. If potential subscriber clicks a button, the problem will be resolved and all future Customer Chat interactions with them will go smoothly.

Here is the example Flow for a setup like that feel free to copy and rework it for your bot. 

We really hope this is resolved soon!