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How to get your first ManyChat contacts

Congratulations on connecting your Fan Page to ManyChat!

When you start your journey with ManyChat, there are no contacts on your page at first, so you might be wondering "How do I even get them?" - this article is provided to lead you in the right direction!

First of all, remember: users who previously sent messages to your Fan Page on Facebook WILL NOT be automatically imported to ManyChat, but there is a trick

Right now, every person who sends a message to your Page after the bot is enabled on it will automatically become a contact. As you can see, it’s not that difficult to get your numbers to grow organically!

Here's another easy way to invite contacts to your bot: you can share the bot's Messenger link (blue '' link in the 'Dashboard' tab of your ManyChat account) with all Followers of your Fan Page in the page's timeline - they'll just have to click the link and then hit 'Get Started' button to become subscribed contacts of your bot. It's that simple!

We also have plenty of Growth Tools which will definitely help you grow your audience. To learn how to set up Growth Tools on your website, check out this video tutorial. Some of these tools include Messenger Ref URL, Facebook Comments Growth Tool, Embeddable widgets, Overlay widgets and many more.

Also, here’s a great overview of some tools you might find very useful provided by Eyal Toledano:

NOTE: The video may feature some outdated parts of the ManyChat interface - however, strategies described in this video are still relevant. We'll make sure to provide updated version of this tutorial very soon.

Hope this helps you get your first contacts!